Innovative Siding Saves Homeowner’s on Energy Bills

If you are thinking about new siding company in Oklahoma City, your best choice is Green. Green as in energy efficiency that is. Innovations in technology and science are putting more Green building materials on the market for home construction, and insulated vinyl siding is now the Greenest choice in siding thanks to Neopor foam.

Progressive Foam Technologies is now using Neopor, energy-efficient foam insulation, as the backing in their insulated vinyl siding in OKC. Neopor, created by the chemical company BASF, is an innovative polystyrene foam insulation that integrates high purity graphite particles into the foam. The graphite particles give the rigid foam insulation a dark grey color that reflects radiant heat. As heat moves through this grey insulation, the graphite demonstrates it hundreds of times causing the heat transfer to slow down significantly. Think of tiny mirrors embedded throughout the foam bouncing the heat around keeping it from moving in a straight path. The slower the heat transfer, the more significant the energy efficiency. When compared to the traditional white expanded polystyrene insulation (EPS), Neopor can provide up to 20{1d30bc3785582687ac6cab468b41192ad5f85f755ac073ddad4c775307567374} more energy savings using the same amount of material.

Ok but what exactly does all that mean? So to explain how insulation works, first, understand that warm air is always trying to move to the area of cold air. So the hot outside air in the summer attempts to transfer to the cool inside air, and in the winter the warm inside air tries to move to cold outside air. The faster the air runs from warm to cold the harder your furnace has to work to keep it warm during the winter or your AC has to work keeping fresh cold air in the summer. Insulation slows down that heat transfer creating energy efficiency, and the slower the heat is transferred, the more significant the savings in your energy bills.

Traditional insulation (that white rigid foam board) traps air in the foam creating air pockets. Trapped air is a poor conductor of heat and slows it down, but the heat energy is still traveling in a straight line through the air pockets. Remember the fastest point from A to B is a straight line, thank you math teachers! So by adding the grey graphite to the white foam insulation, it creates a reflection of heat energy (imagine bouncing it around like a pinball) keeping it from traveling in a straight line. This significantly slows down the transfer of warm air to cold air. And that means significant energy savings for the homeowners!

So if you are researching your best siding options remember “Grey means Green” and look for Neopor insulated vinyl siding.

Happy Home Remodeling,